6 Tips on How to Activate Twitter at Events

6-tips-on-how-to-activate-twitter-at-events-like-canneslions-ogilvycannes-1-638-2Twitter is great way to engage with your audience before, during and after your event, but in order for a Twitter crusade to be successful we have a few tips for you to consider.

  1. Provide free wifi. If you want your guests to live-tweet during an event make it very easy and convenient for them to do so. Share the wifi password on the table cards or announce it during the opening ceremonies. Keep everyone connected with a full charge. Provide device-charging systems throughout the room. SOS Charging Solutions has a great mini charger that can be placed practically anywhere and charges multiple phones at once.
  1. Designate an official hashtag. An official hashtag is a great way to increase the awareness and visibility of your event. You’re not only pulling a conversation together, but you’re also making it easy for people to see photos and attendee interaction.
  1. Promote your hashtag. Just like any other marketing campaign, you must promote your hashtag or else no one will know it exists. Include it in all promotional content before the event to build awareness. Make it visible by including it on your event registration page and encouraging attendees to “Join the Conversation.”
  1. Reward those who use your hashtag. For a Twitter user, nothing is better than receiving the ding of a new notification. Provide instant gratification to those who are using your hashtag with an @ mention, favourite or retweet.
  1. Include a call to action. Give people a reason to engage. Create a call to action, or better yet create a contest. Each time an attendee uses the hashtag, they earn an extra entry for a cool draw.
  1. Show off the hashtag feed. Use a program like tweetbeam.com to project the conversation on a screen. This will encourage others to join the conversation and will continue to build more awareness around your hashtag.

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