Corporate Event Trends 

businessman touching digital tablet, closeup

If you’re planning a corporate event this year, we have some groundbreaking developments for you to keep in mind. Dazzle attendees while enhancing and extending the event experience simply by implementing any of these three innovative trends.

Event Apps

Your guests are going to be checking their emails, taking photos and making phone calls throughout the evening, so why not design a comprehensive app that they can utilize as well? If you’re in need of some inspiration check out GuidebookEventtusCrowdCompass, and DoubleDutch. Encourage your guests to engage by including important features such as a schedule of events, networking features and polling capabilities.

Tablets on Tables

Boost your technological profile by introducing tablets throughout the room. Tablets help to streamline different processes for guests like checking-in, bidding on auction items, requesting music, live Tweeting and ordering menu items. Overall, tablets create a cutting edge feel to your event and added efficiency.

 Crafty Beers & Corporate Cocktails

By partnering with a local brewery, your guests will enjoy incredible refreshments with a regional touch. Most people are happy to support local business and even happier to talk about corporations that do the same. Companies are also creating custom corporate cocktails specific to their business or event. Make it clever, catchy and memorable and you’ll have attendees cheering by the end of the night.

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