A Weekend with the Girls

I recently spent a weekend away with some girlfriends.  We travelled by car, so we didn’t go too far.  Once we arrived, we played a bit of golf, ate some great food and drank some good wine.  More importantly, we talked, laughed a lot and enjoyed each other’s company.

It’s always wonderful to spend time with your girlfriends.  As we grow older, we tend to do it less and less because of other commitments.  Why not make the most of the small amount of time we do have by creating a special evening or weekend with our best friends.

Do you ever feel a little nostalgic?  How about having a Pajama Party?  Who didn’t love those times when we were younger and took the entire school week to plan what we were going to do on the weekend.  We stayed up late talking about boys and our latest crushes, favorite music, movies and ate junk food.

The possibilities are endless.  You could tie the entire evening to a theme or just wing it;   serve comfort food and specialty drinks or do a potluck and BYOB.  Play music from the past and current favorites and then dance, dance, dance or, if you’d prefer, watch classic TV shows and rom-coms that always make you cry just a little and laugh until your sides hurt.  Try playing board games, cards or party games.  And who says you have to sleep on the floor?  Use guest bedrooms and couches and have everyone double up and share.

Don’t forget to spend time laughing, talking and reminiscing.  In the end, that is what really matters.

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