Turning up employee morale in a down economy -By Centaine Tyler

People are any business’ greatest asset. It’s important that employers care for their employees not just when business is booming, but also when it isn’t.

According to Harvard Business Review, studies have proven that team-building efforts help boost employee creativity and innovation in tough economic times.

Human Touch Events, as the name suggests, is an event planning company with heart. By focusing on the human touch, co-founders Janet Ridsdale and Michele Gibson are helping clients and their staff maintain a positive attitude with team-building events.

Companies need to address their employees as an inter-connected team, rather than “little islands,” says Janet. She gives Inter Pipeline, a large Calgary-based petroleum company, as an example.

Inter Pipeline ranked number 13 in Alberta Venture’s list of 50 Fastest-Growing Companies in 2016. The company puts its employees in high regard, valuing honesty and integrity, teamwork, and the entrepreneurial spirit – it recognizes its employees as human beings, not as resources.

Human Touch Events is big on community, and Janet feels that putting more focus on their corporate and team-building services is a great way to help. Companies that have had to cut back on annual fundraisers or holiday parties, can still organize cost efficient gatherings to help keep staff motivated and focused.

“We want to help communities be healthier, because everything has a cascading effect. If you are feeling more positive at work it flows into your home life, which flows into your community. Everything’s inter-connected. It’s important for your employees to be well in these times of economic uncertainty, and ready to take advantage of the inevitable upswing,” says Janet.

1. Read the Harvard Business Review article: “After Layoffs, Help Survivors Be More Effective”.
2. Check out the services Human Touch Events can offer your business.
3. Contact Janet and Michele directly via email, or phone: 403-606-4682 (Janet) and 403-818-1724 (Michele).
4. Check out Human Touch Events on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest.


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