Turning up employee morale in a down economy -By Centaine Tyler

People are any business’ greatest asset. It’s important that employers care for their employees not just when business is booming, but also when it isn’t.

According to Harvard Business Review, studies have proven that team-building efforts help boost employee creativity and innovation in tough economic times.

Human Touch Events, as the name suggests, is an event planning company with heart. By focusing on the human touch, co-founders Janet Ridsdale and Michele Gibson are helping clients and their staff maintain a positive attitude with team-building events.

Companies need to address their employees as an inter-connected team, rather than “little islands,” says Janet. She gives Inter Pipeline, a large Calgary-based petroleum company, as an example.

Inter Pipeline ranked number 13 in Alberta Venture’s list of 50 Fastest-Growing Companies in 2016. The company puts its employees in high regard, valuing honesty and integrity, teamwork, and the entrepreneurial spirit – it recognizes its employees as human beings, not as resources.

Human Touch Events is big on community, and Janet feels that putting more focus on their corporate and team-building services is a great way to help. Companies that have had to cut back on annual fundraisers or holiday parties, can still organize cost efficient gatherings to help keep staff motivated and focused.

“We want to help communities be healthier, because everything has a cascading effect. If you are feeling more positive at work it flows into your home life, which flows into your community. Everything’s inter-connected. It’s important for your employees to be well in these times of economic uncertainty, and ready to take advantage of the inevitable upswing,” says Janet.

1. Read the Harvard Business Review article: “After Layoffs, Help Survivors Be More Effective”.
2. Check out the services Human Touch Events can offer your business.
3. Contact Janet and Michele directly via email, or phone: 403-606-4682 (Janet) and 403-818-1724 (Michele).
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Human Touch Events Christmas 2015 Postcard - front (2)

Having an event company involved in planning and executing your events can take the pressure off you and your staff, especially during the Festive Season when expectations are high. Human Touch Events has a range of suggestions and the expertise to help you fulfill your vision for your event.

We are all aware of our environmental footprint and even during Christmas we can do things differently – reuse, reduce and recycle. Human Touch Events #Eventprofs can help you have an extraordinary event while minimizing our environmental impact.

A Weekend with the Girls

I recently spent a weekend away with some girlfriends.  We travelled by car, so we didn’t go too far.  Once we arrived, we played a bit of golf, ate some great food and drank some good wine.  More importantly, we talked, laughed a lot and enjoyed each other’s company.

It’s always wonderful to spend time with your girlfriends.  As we grow older, we tend to do it less and less because of other commitments.  Why not make the most of the small amount of time we do have by creating a special evening or weekend with our best friends.

Do you ever feel a little nostalgic?  How about having a Pajama Party?  Who didn’t love those times when we were younger and took the entire school week to plan what we were going to do on the weekend.  We stayed up late talking about boys and our latest crushes, favorite music, movies and ate junk food.

The possibilities are endless.  You could tie the entire evening to a theme or just wing it;   serve comfort food and specialty drinks or do a potluck and BYOB.  Play music from the past and current favorites and then dance, dance, dance or, if you’d prefer, watch classic TV shows and rom-coms that always make you cry just a little and laugh until your sides hurt.  Try playing board games, cards or party games.  And who says you have to sleep on the floor?  Use guest bedrooms and couches and have everyone double up and share.

Don’t forget to spend time laughing, talking and reminiscing.  In the end, that is what really matters.

Event Planning 101: Ready, Set, Budget!

The first step when planning an event is building out a comprehensive budget that considers all costs, from the obvious necessities to the surprise expenses. Whether you’re brand new to event planning or an experienced professional, keeping a budget will help you stay organized, prepared for anything and will keep you within the boundaries of your financial plan.

This infographic, created by PlanningPod, includes helpful tips and considerations for building a model event budget. Serving as the perfect jumping off point during the early stages of planning. 90786a5eaa875d5f80c3cc6702276e12What are your favourite budgeting tips? Join the conversation on Twitter @HumanTouchEvent or Facebook www.facebook.com/HumanTouchEvents.


Corporate Event Trends 

businessman touching digital tablet, closeup

If you’re planning a corporate event this year, we have some groundbreaking developments for you to keep in mind. Dazzle attendees while enhancing and extending the event experience simply by implementing any of these three innovative trends.

Event Apps

Your guests are going to be checking their emails, taking photos and making phone calls throughout the evening, so why not design a comprehensive app that they can utilize as well? If you’re in need of some inspiration check out GuidebookEventtusCrowdCompass, and DoubleDutch. Encourage your guests to engage by including important features such as a schedule of events, networking features and polling capabilities.

Tablets on Tables

Boost your technological profile by introducing tablets throughout the room. Tablets help to streamline different processes for guests like checking-in, bidding on auction items, requesting music, live Tweeting and ordering menu items. Overall, tablets create a cutting edge feel to your event and added efficiency.

 Crafty Beers & Corporate Cocktails

By partnering with a local brewery, your guests will enjoy incredible refreshments with a regional touch. Most people are happy to support local business and even happier to talk about corporations that do the same. Companies are also creating custom corporate cocktails specific to their business or event. Make it clever, catchy and memorable and you’ll have attendees cheering by the end of the night.

Share your favourite corporate trend with us! Join the conversation on Twitter @HumanTouchEvent or Facebook www.facebook.com/HumanTouchEvents.

6 Tips on How to Activate Twitter at Events

6-tips-on-how-to-activate-twitter-at-events-like-canneslions-ogilvycannes-1-638-2Twitter is great way to engage with your audience before, during and after your event, but in order for a Twitter crusade to be successful we have a few tips for you to consider.

  1. Provide free wifi. If you want your guests to live-tweet during an event make it very easy and convenient for them to do so. Share the wifi password on the table cards or announce it during the opening ceremonies. Keep everyone connected with a full charge. Provide device-charging systems throughout the room. SOS Charging Solutions has a great mini charger that can be placed practically anywhere and charges multiple phones at once.
  1. Designate an official hashtag. An official hashtag is a great way to increase the awareness and visibility of your event. You’re not only pulling a conversation together, but you’re also making it easy for people to see photos and attendee interaction.
  1. Promote your hashtag. Just like any other marketing campaign, you must promote your hashtag or else no one will know it exists. Include it in all promotional content before the event to build awareness. Make it visible by including it on your event registration page and encouraging attendees to “Join the Conversation.”
  1. Reward those who use your hashtag. For a Twitter user, nothing is better than receiving the ding of a new notification. Provide instant gratification to those who are using your hashtag with an @ mention, favourite or retweet.
  1. Include a call to action. Give people a reason to engage. Create a call to action, or better yet create a contest. Each time an attendee uses the hashtag, they earn an extra entry for a cool draw.
  1. Show off the hashtag feed. Use a program like tweetbeam.com to project the conversation on a screen. This will encourage others to join the conversation and will continue to build more awareness around your hashtag.

Infographic Source

Your 2015 Calgary Stampede Handbook


The Calgary Stampede has evolved to be one of the greatest rodeos in the world, attracting over a million people to the festivities and culture each year. From July 2-12, you’ll have the opportunity to enjoy over 170 live music events, 18 new and bizarre mouth-watering treats from food vendors, and incredible new shows and attractions that will blow your hats off! Before you get too carried away, we want to share our top tips for surviving and thriving during the Calgary Stampede.

Keep it budget friendly.

Check out the Value Deals and Days to save on park admissions, midway rides and games. If you play your cards right, you might even get into the park for free! The city also holds numerous Free Pancake Breakfasts for you and your family to enjoy, so be sure to get out there and meet someone new in your community over a flapjack and a coffee.

Download the app.

By downloading the Calgary Stampede mobile app, you’ll be able to keep track of all the incredible events, build your day with daily schedule, set up reminders, sync your schedule to your phone’s calendar and navigate your way around the park with a digital map at your fingers tips. As an added bonus, you can also play the Trophy Round-Up Game for your chance to win WestJet flights!

Purchase your tickets in advance.

Skip the long lines and get your tickets online. Whether you’re looking to attend the rodeo, evening show, concerts, or simply want to enter through the park gates, you can get your tickets now on the Calgary Stampede’s website.

Now you’re ready to strap on your boots and enjoy the cowboy culture during the Calgary Stampede. Buckle up!

Hosting a Stampede Party? We can help. Learn more at: www.humantouchevents.com