Bring Your Event To Life With This Secret Weapon


There are so many elements to consider when planning a corporate or charitable event. Unfortunately, organizations often get so wrapped up in the logistics that they forget the most important piece of the puzzle: FUN.

“What’s our fundraising goal? How many sponsors do we need? How many tickets have we sold? Chicken or Beef? Is the event photographer booked? What will I wear!?” Sound familiar?

All of a sudden, it’s show time. The guests appear and begin sipping on cocktails as they listen to the opening speeches. Next, they sit through a mediocre dinner, bid on an item or two and finally the moment they’ve been waiting for arrives – home time.

The attendees might come again next year, if they have to, but no one leaves a dry event thinking, “I can’t wait to do that again.” Don’t get caught in this position. Instead, ensure that you’re guests are entertained by applying these simple tips.

Put together an exciting & diverse committee.

The best way to determine whether your event is going to be fun is to look at the people planning it. Your committee is the face of the event and social branding can drive attendance. By building a committee of people who come from different professions, ages and groups, you’ll attract various different networks.

 Think outside the box.

Allow your imagination to run wild and get your creative juices flowing. What can you do that has never been done before? When it comes to entertainment, it is better to create a buzz that keeps guests talking than it is to play it safe. Don’t be afraid to be daring and different. Innovation is key to event success.

Transform your venue.

Customizing your space is crucial to creating the right atmosphere, so if attention to detail isn’t your thing it may be wise to bring in a professional to handle décor. Don’t make the mistake of choosing a room that is too big. Fill the space with a crowd of people and turn down the lights. This creates the perfect atmosphere with lots of action.

Set the tone.

The right attitude sets the tone for the entire event. If the committee and volunteers are having fun, it gives guests permission to do the same. Even if things aren’t going as planned, keep it light and go with the flow. Enjoy the moment. You earned it!

Living Sustainably in the City of Calgary


Within the city of Calgary there are a number of individuals, organizations and businesses that are leading the way in sustainable practice and environmental care.

Through simple, everyday actions, Calgarians are improving their ecological footprint by reducing toxins from waterways, lessening household waste, making responsible and informed consumer choices and re-thinking energy use.

Within communities, volunteers donate their time and skills to various green initiatives like cleaning off-leash areas, enhancing parks and green spaces and clearing litter from our city streets. Depaving programs, community gardens and bike lanes are becoming increasingly popular in the city and for those who are seeking more information on natural and sustainable living, workshops are available thanks to various green organizations.

Businesses are also recognizing the importance of sustainable practice, which has led to a greater emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility. Reducing your carbon footprint requires similar small and simple changes, such as switching off computers when they aren’t in use, wearing layered clothing to the office instead of bumping up the heat and reducing the amount of paper that is used by going digital whenever possible. Although the main goal of most businesses is to generate a profit, owners have the responsibility to do what is ethically correct.

At Human Touch Events, we are committed to honoring this responsibility. We work closely with our clients to understand their needs and work diligently to realize their vision with energy consumption, waste management and sustainability in mind. With the help of our unique partners, we assist our clients in reducing their ecological footprint without compromising the quality of their event.

There are many opportunities to add a green edge to your life, from individual action, to community initiatives and everyday business practices. These opportunities, ultimately, lead to a healthier, more vibrant Calgary.

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How to Create an Extraordinary Custom Event


Step 1: Think Strategically

The key to holding a knockout event starts with having a firm grip on your goals. Are you holding a fundraising gala to raise funds and awareness for a particular cause? Are you holding an annual general meeting to educate employees, members and stakeholders on your organization’s accomplishments throughout the year? Maybe you’re planning a holiday party and your main objective is to show everyone a good time and express your sincere appreciation for all of their hard work. Whatever your goal is, design your event around it and ensure that every decision you make is intentionally bringing you one step closer to achieving that purpose. 

Step 2: Design Thoughtfully

As you start to make major event decisions like what venue you’re going to choose, what your menu is going to consist of and whom you’re going to hire for entertainment, don’t make the mistake of settling for the first option that jumps out at you. Event professionals are experts in sourcing out unique resources that will kick your event experience into high gear. The efficient work of an event planner can save you time, money and brainpower throughout the entire process leading up to your event. Don’t work harder, work smarter.

Step 3: Act Responsibly

Sustainability is all the rage and reducing the amount of waste you generate and encouraging health and well-being can create a more comfortable and effortless guest experience. Consider how you can contribute positively by offering healthier, more sustainable food, eliminating bottled water, locating your events walking distance from hotels and sourcing locally when possible.

Why We Encourage and How We Achieve Green Events

Social & Environmental Responsibility

Here at Human Touch Events Inc, we believe in honoring our responsibility to the social and environmental landscapes. To attain these goals we work closely with our clients to identify their needs, what their vision for their event is and how they can work together to stage their event in a sustainable manner.

Valued Partnerships

Recently, a promising partnership developed between Green Knight, an environmentally aware and responsible company, and Human Touch Events Inc. To help companies reach their environmental goals, Green Knight has a very detailed and thought out method whereby they identify emissions associated with events, pinpoint methods for reducing emissions, and measure the carbon footprint of events.

Both Human Touch and Green Knight recognize the importance of partnerships within the business community. When all parties understand the goals and values of a particular event, amazing things can be produced.

Benefits of Green Events

By encouraging Green Events, we promote the importance of the environment through improved energy consumption, waste management and sustainability.

Green Knight’s activity inspires use of low-carbon footprint options, encourages changes in practices, such as waste management and energy conservation, improves customer loyalty and adds additional revenue streams. This process yields exceptional benefits to the environment and the client of the event, which is why Human Touch proudly offers this option to all interested clients.


3 Tips for a Rave-Worthy Corporate Event

Audience Listening To Presentation At ConferenceCorporate events have a bad reputation for being dull, tedious and sometimes downright boring. We’ve all seen it: attendees sighing through the agenda as their eyes glaze over and the mental fog settles in. To ensure that this doesn’t happen to you at your next corporate occasion, we’ve collected our top tips to take your event from bland to buzz-worthy!

Tip 1: Build a diverse agenda with interesting speakers

Consider your audience and speak their language. What kinds of topics are going to pull them in? Who do they want to hear from? With your company’s goals in mind, create an event that will not only represent your brand appropriately, but will also provide your audience with valuable content. If your speakers are delivering insightful presentations, attendees will walk out of your event feeling inspired, moved and motivated to talk about their experience. 

Tip 2: Make sure your event is ‘social’-ready

Using social media in variety of ways can attract more attendees, encourage engagement and extend the lifetime value of events. Before your event details are finalized, ask attendees’ to vote for speakers, topics, etc. RSVP rates are higher online than with paper invitations, so choose a platform to collect your RSVPs online. Create event listings, integrate social media with registration, utilize hashtags and promote your event with photos and videos. Enhance the live experience with live streaming and customer support. After the event, share your presentation with attendees, get feedback and maintain an engaged community all year round.

Tip 3: Have the ‘wow’ factor

Details matter and custom counts. When it comes to creating a sensational event, you have to consider the room layout, décor, lighting, A/V needs, staging, the registration desk, display tables, catering, design, entertainment selection, etc. Hire an outside Event Management team to help you strategize, plan and execute an amazing event to remember.

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Introducing Human Touch Events Inc.

Festive dining table setting with tulips on beige backgroundHuman Touch Events Inc. (formerly JJAM Productions Inc.) is a premium event management company that brings any vision, big or small, to life in the utmost custom and innovative way. Co-owners and creators, Michele Gibson and Janet Ridsdale, have over 20 combined years of experience in planning and executing successful events. This powerful partnership has resulted in exceptional client experiences and highly successful events.

Though Michele and Janet both have backgrounds in event creation and business, this isn’t the only passion that they share. Initially, their friendship arose out of the unity found between two mothers of special needs children. Because of their children, they have been very active in a number of Calgary organizations that are serving the special needs community.

This shared experience has given them a deep appreciation for community and contribution. They bring this insight to their event management business through the following philosophy:

At the core of any event is the idea of bringing people together. More than plate ware and a well-planned space, events are about connecting people’s hearts; and in the non-profit and charity work, events are about promoting and furthering causes that enhance and improve lives in our communities.

The name Human Touch Events was inspired by the core reason Janet and Michele come together to plan and host events: their humanity and their deep need to be part of a bigger picture. Janet and Michele infuse every event they create – whether it’s corporate, non-profit, a retreat or a gala – with deep care and appreciation for the importance of each detail. They care about keeping within their client’s budget, but also going above-and-beyond expectations to deliver the perfect event.